Lights On Afterschool

Lights On Afterschool is an annual event where more than a million people nationwide gather to shine light on the importance of afterschool programs in keeping kids safe, helping working families, and inspiring learning.

Lights On Afterschool is on October 24, 2019! 


Local Lights On Afterschool Events

Planning a local Lights On Afterschool event? The Afterschool Alliance website is the place to go for ideas, materials, and resources to make your event as successful as it can be. Visit their website here to register your event and access these resources. Register your event early to be entered to win prizes and to receive free Lights On Afterschool posters and materials.

Regional Lights On Afterschool Events

MASN will also be partnering to host regional Lights On Afterschool events to highlight some of the outstanding work being done in programs throughout the state, and to advocate the need for afterschool and summer learning programs with local, state, and federal policymakers. Visit our Regional Lights On Afterschool Events page for more details about the St. Louis and Branson Regional events so you can save the date and plan to join us if we’re in your region.



Afterschool Works

keeps kids safe, helps working families, inspires kids to learn

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