Previous training events and materials

You can find recordings of MASN online training events along with their corresponding resource materials below.

Self-Care for Frontline Staff – March 26, hosted by Brad Lademann

  • This session will give some practical tips for taking care of your emotional and mental health while working from home during our current health crisis. Join us for some new ideas and conversations with other afterschool professionals from across the state.

Connect and Learn – April 1, hosted by Brad Lademann

  • This session will give an opportunity for afterschool professionals to learn what is happening with programs around the state as well as space to connect in conversation with others in the field. The topics we will discuss in this session are virtual programming ideas, how to serve your community and resources for afterschool programs during social distancing. Come learn and brainstorm with your colleagues from across Missouri!
  • Connect and Learn Handout

Ask an Expert – April 2, hosted by Perrin Chick

Connect and Learn – April 8, hosted by Lynna Lawson

Ask an Expert – April 9, hosted by Tyler Kearns

  • Tyler Kearns is an afterschool program director for the Clayton School District in Clayton, MO. He has been an ambassador for the Genius of Play for the past year. Join us to hear from Tyler about why play is learning for kids as well as why play is important for adults. Come ready to engage, learn, and ask questions!
  • Tyle Kearns Make Way for Play PowerPoint

Connect and Learn – April 15, hosted by Clint Darr

Connect and Learn – April 22, hosted by Scott Mann of VentureLab

Ask an Expert – April 23, hosted by Tina Meier from the Megan Meier Foundation

  • This session features Tina Meier from the Megan Meier Foundation. Tina will address the issues of bullying and cyberbullying among youth and will offer resources for afterschool staff.
  • Tina Meier Ask An Expert PowerPoint

Connect and Learn – May 13, hosted by Laura Evans from Missouri 4-H

  • Join us as Laura Evans with Missouri 4-H provides an overview of the Experiential Learning Model that is commonly used in 4-H positive youth development. Participants will interact with each other and explore up to six computer science lessons/activities.
  • Laura Evans Connect and Learn PowerPoint

Ask an Expert – May 14, hosted by Renée Reed-Miller

  • Afterschool professionals re-entering the workforce or resuming face-to-face interaction have multiple levels of well-being to consider before jumping in the fray. Join us as Renée Reed-Miller, founder of RMG, will provide tangible ways to create a “culture of care” and maintain well-being during a highly stressful time in our history. We are essential; ultimately, our well-being remains critical to all of those we support across the state and our nation.

Social-Emotional Learning at a Distance – hosted by the National Summer Learning Association

Connect and Learn – May 27, hosted by MASN and 220 Leadership

Connect and Learn – June 10, hosted by Theresa Metz from The Bridge Program

  • Join us as Theresa Metz from The Bridge Program within the University of Missouri College of Education Introduces us to the Engaging Difference Framework to inclusion as well as culturally responsive pedagogy. We will explore how aspects of our identity and related experiences impact our work.
  • Connect & Learn PowerPoint

Connect and Learn – June 18, hosted by Viviana Hernandez Saint-Louis

  • Rethinking Expectations and Routines: In the news and on social media, we hear a lot of talk of “getting back to normal,” after the initial phase of COVID response. But is this possible? It’s more realistic that we will discover a new “normal.” This new normal will mean new expectations when our programs fully open and helping youth get readjusted to being back in the program environment. In this discussion, we’ll explore how to create new expectations and support youth to get back into the groove of being in a program environment.




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