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Interested in starting up an afterschool program in your community?  We invite you to utilize these resources:

Advisory Council:  Want to jump into forming a program?  This great resource is a great starting place for forming an Advisory Council who can and should be your primary supporters!

“Start Here”:  What if there is no afterschool program in your community?  Don’t give up!  This document includes the very first steps to building support for starting a program in your community.

Beyond the Bell Start-up Guide:  This comprehensive tool has stood the test of time.  This research-based tool walks you through the foundation of starting a high-quality afterschool program and then provides the templates and tools to help you achieve your goal!  You can find more helpful tools for purchase, including their newly released Fourth Edition at their website.

Impact Afterschool Start-Up Guide:  This guide was developed by youth development professionals and experts by the Iowa Afterschool Alliance.  This comprehensive guide covers topics ranging from vision to partnerships to documentation to fiscal management and more!  Worksheets, templates, and checklists area also included.

Starting Your Afterschool Program:  This guide, created in partnership between Utah Department of Workforce Services and Utah State University Extension 4-H, provides in-depth review of afterschool, why it’s important, and the steps necessary to begin a program in your community.

SEDL Start-up Guide:  This tool is a comprehensive 123-page document full of resources for programming, planning, organizing, managing, and sustaining your afterschool program.  The authors provide a great summary of what is helpful from the recommended resource, the price, and where to get it.  They also include a multi-page section on just free, website resources!

There are also more resources available from the Afterschool Alliance and we invite you to contact us with questions.  We would love to assist you in beginning an afterschool program in your community!

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