Program Design and Curriculum

Program Design

You want to create the best possible afterschool program – from a streamlined schedule, to smooth transitions that includes school-day connections, hands-on active learning components, service learning, character-building…where do you even begin?  We are here to help you tackle every component!  Start with the resources below.  Want more help?  Then contact us today to set up a meeting!

Program Schedule
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Designing Lesson Plans
What is a lesson plan?  What should be included in a lesson plan?  The ultimate answer is that it’s largely up to personal preference.  However, there are some key components that could make it easier on you and your team.  Consider including these components on your lesson plan:

  • Title
  • Primary subject connection (math, science, history, art, etc.)
  • Connection to Missouri Standards or Common Core
  • Time for prep and time to complete the actual activity
  • Supplies needed
  • Notes section to keep record of recommended changes, etc.  This will be especially helpful in the future when you want to repeat it.

It is also recommended you preserve all your lesson plans in binders, organized by subject, to quickly find them later.  Then, pull them out and organize them in a weekly binder so your staff can quickly see what is happening for the week and gather and organize materials in a timely manner.

Including Partners
A critical component to building a sustainable program is building partnerships from the beginning.  Gaining input and earning buy-in from community members, school personnel, and parents is vital.  One way to accomplish this is through the creation of an Advisory Council.  This resource includes important information for how to form an Advisory Council and tools for making it successful.

Program Curriculum

Most of us are not experts in every area of youth development, or the academic components necessary for a well-rounded program.  Organized here are some great program resources for you to explore and integrate into your afterschool program.  Many already include connections to academic goals relevant to your youth’s school-day focus!

Missouri AfterSchool Network’s Recommended Web Links
This resource has been compiled by our Afterschool Regional Educators.  It includes their favorite websites for afterschool, active learning activities.  This easy-to use Word Document even has the subject areas highlighted to help you identify what you’re looking for, quicker.  Click here!

This FREE archive of high quality science activities is a must-see for all programs.  Not only does Mr.Q provide the clear directions, but he includes the science explanation for what is actually happening in the activity!  Check it out!

SEDL Toolkit
This FREE toolkit provides research-based lesson plans in subject areas including reading, math, technology, the arts, and more!

Missouri AftersShool Network Afterschool Activities
An easy-to-use guide of activities, developed by the Missouri AfterSchool network:

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