Communication Tools

Effective communication with parents, school administrators, organization leaders, and your community takes time, but sending a clear, consistent message is of the utmost importance.  Utilizing a variety of techniques (paper and digital) can help you to ensure you are reaching the most people effectively.  We’ve done some of the work for you and included some great tips below.

Newsletters & Flyers

We designed a newsletter template to take some of the design burden off your hands.  Simply download the template and fill in the text!

Tips for an effective newsletter:

  • Include pictures of your program in action – a picture is literally worth a thousand words!
  • Be brief!  We live in a busy world and only have a few brief seconds to win over someone’s attention.
  • Ask for second eyes – Looking at your own work, mistakes will be missed.  Ask someone else to read it and provide feedback before disemminating

Go Digital!

Research is telling us that the generation we’re trying to reach should be reached in a visual way and to keep it short!  Expand your marketing tools to include new, digital techniques!  In fact, allow your youth to plan and create it!

Social Media

Make sure to connect with MASN on Facebook and Twitter, where we provide constant updates to the field.

Need help managing multiple social media platforms for your program? Check out the tools below.

  • TweetDeck – Social Media management application
  • HootSuite – Social Media management application

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