Policy Resources

Afterschool Works! Campaign

This section will connect you with messaging, editable marketing materials, and more, so that you can help us spread the message that Afterschool Works! to keep kids safe, help working families and inspire learning. You can also take the Afterschool Champions Pledge, and commit to doing all you can to support the field of afterschool!

Afterschool-Specific Resources

This list of resources will connect you to all of the national afterschool organizations, including the Afterschool Alliance and the National Afterschool Association. From there you can connect with other afterschool professionals  around the country, find the latest in curriculum and professional development for providers, and hear the latest afterschool news.

Connect with Policymakers

After reading through the latest research and current policies, we hope you’re inspired to connect with your local leaders and policymakers to start spreading the word about the value of afterschool in the lives of children, families, and communities. This page will connect you with state and federal policymakers and will also connect you with the state and US House and Senate websites so that you can track legislation throughout the process.

Afterschool Works

keeps kids safe, helps working families, inspires kids to learn

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