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Finding childcare is one of the toughest dilemmas parents face, as well as one of the most critical household expenses. If parents are worried about where there children are and what they are doing when the school bell rings, it can be reflected through less productivity in the workplace. According to the America After 3PM—Missouri Report, 73% of Missouri parents agreed that afterschool programs help give working parents peace of mind about their children when they are at work, and 70% agreed that they help working parents keep their jobs. It is clear—Afterschool programs are an essential service for families with children that aren’t able to be there immediately when the school day ends.

Afterschool can also be an exciting way to engage parents in their children’s learning. Because programs meet outside of the school day, parents may find themselves more available to attend and participate in activities sponsored by their children’s afterschool program than the traditional offerings during their workday. This can be a critical component for engaging parents, and has the advantage of helping to bridge the gap between children’s lives outside and inside of school.

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Afterschool Works

keeps kids safe, helps working families, inspires kids to learn

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