The safety of children and support of working families are top concerns for community leaders, which is why quality afterschool programs can be an essential solution to both problems. Afterschool programs can help to develop youth into responsible and engaged community members, through service learning opportunities, chances to connect with adults and mentors, and participating in activities through partnerships with other community-based organizations.

Positive enrichment opportunities through afterschool and summer learning can also lead to less juvenile delinquency, better engaged students, and more productive citizens which all translate into better communities. There are also opportunities within afterschool programs to bridge the gap between schools and other community-based organizations (CBOs). In many cases, schools partner with CBOs to provide additional services for before-, afterschool and summer learning. These strong partnerships can help to ensure that community services are better coordinated to better serve the population’s unique needs.

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Afterschool Works

keeps kids safe, helps working families, inspires kids to learn

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