If parents are worrying about their children’s safety and security after school, then managers are losing productivity in their workforce. From the America After 3PM—Missouri Report, 73% of parents agreed that their child’s afterschool program gives working parents peace of mind, and 70% agreed that the program actually helps working parents to keep their jobs.

Afterschool programs also play a critical role in preparing our future workforce. Over 70% of Missouri parents surveyed in the America After 3PM—Missouri Report felt that their afterschool programs was giving their child career skills for the future. Afterschool and Workforce Development: Helping Kids Compete (2011) decribes how afterschool programs are able to do this through more flexible, project-based learning than the traditional classroom, and allowing children to explore new subject matter and career possibilities, through mentoring, internships, job-shadowing, and other forms of community involvement.

“The extra learning time, and time to develop leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills, are essential to ensuring that today’s youth are prepared for tomorrow’s workplace.”

Afterschool programs with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) offerings are of particular importance as we move further into the 21st Century, and businesses are recruiting employees with 21st Century skills. Afterschool and summer programs give youth extended opportunities to explore STEM subjects and careers, and to apply theories learned in the classroom to skills they can use in their careers and to compete in the global economy.

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Afterschool Works

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