The MASN Professional Development Committee will be helping local communities to host one day PDI-Mini conferences during the spring of 2020!

Where will they be held?  That is up to you!  We are looking for programs to host the mini-MOSAC PDIs by offering space and help with the planning.

What space is needed?  It depends on what you plan, but most locations will probably need a gym/auditorium to host a general session and at least 3-4 breakout rooms.  These could be large classrooms or other multi-purpose spaces depending on the type of workshops to be presented.  PDI-minis include lunch so you will also need a place for the attendees to eat.

Want more information or to start planning a PDI-Mini for your community?  Plan to attend the Professional Development Committee meeting from 10-1:00 at Stoneycreek Inn in Columbia.   (Note: Networking welcome starts at 9:30 with committtee meetings starting at 10:00.)  You may also contact Leigh Ann Clayton, PD Committee Chair or Anne Reeder, PD Committee Liason for more information.

Currently scheduled 2019-20 PDI-Minis…

  • St. Louis – Active Learning Institute – October 26, 2019
  • Lee’s Summit –
  • Camdenton – Trauma Informed Care –
  • Kansas City – SEL Methods from the Weikart Center –
  • Springfield – College and Career Readiness
  • St. Louis – Linking School Day and Afterschool through STEM


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