STEM Committee

The STEM committee coordinates efforts to improve access to and professional development for STEM activities in out-of-school time settings.  The committee is currently working on a STEM in Afterschool brief and preparing to participate in STEM Week at the Capitol.

Crazy Cardboard Challenge

The STEM Committee is hosting a Crazy Cardboard Arcade Challenge that will feature student designed arcade games at the 2017 MOSAC2 PDI.  For more information, including a sample Project Based Learning unit plan cross walked with the Show Me Standards, click here.


This initiative is designed to elevate the level of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – in afterschool and other informal education settings.  Project Liftoff was funded by the Mott Foundation from 2008-2011 and the Noyce Foundation from 2010-2014.  STEM efforts to support the infrastructure for high quality STEM trainings, mini-grant opportunities to programs, and resources to help evaluate site level STEM implementation are currently being sustained by integrating them into the services/resources provided through the Missouri Afterschool Resource Center and the Network’s STEM Committee.  (Read more…)

MO Girls CSI

MO Girls CSI is an affiliate of the National Girls Collaborative Project.  Missouri has participated in NGCP’s training programs for InventionX and Science Action Clubs.  (Read more...)

Missouri Math and Science Coalition

MASN partners with the Missouri Math and Science Coalition to promote the value of STEM education and careers.  Visit the MMSC website for more information about STEM in Missouri.


The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition will hold its annual STEM Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City the first week of March, with a focus on K-12 and Higher Education STEM programming.  Space is available on the 3rd floor Rotunda of the Capitol for STEM programs to set up booths and showcase various school and student science projects and activities.  Participating groups will showcase their STEM programs, projects and past/current work.

Committee Meetings

Our committee meetings are held quarterly and are open to all program staff, administrators, parents, and other interested community members. Click here for more information and to RSVP for the next meeting!

Computer Science Week-December 7-11, 2020

During the Computer Science Week, MASN, Missouri 4-H, and Missouri Chamber of Commerce will host interactive, short sessions for youth participants. At 4:00 PM daily, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce has arranged for individuals working in information technology to tell about their work, how they came to the career and future opportunity in those fields. There will be an opportunity for programs, youth teams and individuals to earn prizes from MASN for their participation. Learn more at this link.

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