Quality Committee

The Quality Committee has been very active over the past 10 years developing resources that all programs can use to improve the quality of afterschool in Missouri. Since MASN provides training and technical assistance to 21st CCLC and SAC funded programs, we have been able to coordinate the services to the grantees with the work of the Quality Committee. In some cases, the Quality Committee has provided guidance and feedback on specific systems required for the grantees (e.g., PQAs) and in other cases, the Quality Committee has ensured that the work developed for the grantees applies to all programs (e.g., surveys).

PQA Assessment Tools

The Quality Committee has provided guidance and feedback to MASN and the 4-H Center for Youth Development as they developed the infrastructure for completing external PQAs for the 21st CCLC and SAC grantees. The committee reviewed pilot data, proposed a focus group with grantee directors, and received reports about initial overall program quality. For more information about the PQAs, please go to the MOARC section.

Afterschool Surveys

The Quality Committee began reviewing family, staff, and youth surveys to develop best practice recommendations for all programs.  Around this time, MASN and DESE began to discuss changes to the evaluation process, including surveys, that the 21st CCLC and SAC grantees completed.  As a result of the coordination between the work of the Quality Committee and the revision to the grantee survey process, all programs in Missouri will now have access to the “best practices” surveys online.  

Drafting School Age Licensing Rules

The Quality Committee is currently discussing recommendations to DHSS about certain key aspects of the licensing rules.  After these key recommendations, the committee will focus on drafting school age-specific licensing rules for consideration by the department.

Core Competencies and Program Standards

 Two of our key state resources were developed by the Quality Committee in partnership with other stakeholders.  The Core Competencies were updated in 2011 with the creation of the KS/MO Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals in partnership with the OPEN Initiative, Child Care Aware(r) of Kansas, and the Kansas Enrichment Network (KEN).  The Missouri Afterschool Program Standards were printed in 2008 and developed in partnership with St. Louis for Kids (now United 4 Children) and YouthNet (now part of the Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development).

Committee Meeting Agendas/Notes

Our committee meetings are held quarterly and are open to all program staff, administrators, parents, and other interested community members. Click here for more information.

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