Afterschool Champions Development

Afterschool Works! is the Network’s comprehensive campaign to promote the value of afterschool and develop local and statewide afterschool champions.

Afterschool Ambassadors Program

With the Missouri Afterschool Ambassadors program, the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) selects eight individuals who have been identified as emerging and veteran leaders in the field of afterschool and summer learning to participate in a leadership development and advocacy program.

The Afterschool Ambassadors program was created as a joint effort of the MASN Public Policy Committee and MOSAC2 Advocacy committee with the purpose of continuing to raise awareness about the importance and value of afterschool through investment in training and leadership development. The chosen participants receive training on policy processes, advocacy, media relations, and more, and are tasked with building relationships with their local and state leaders, attending events around the state, and working on local policy projects to increase public support and elevate the statewide policy conversation around afterschool.

The 2019-2020 Cohort of Missouri Afterschool Ambassadors includes:

  • Ginny Graf of Eldon
  • Linda Hague* of Newtown-Harris
  • Crystal Hall* of St. Louis
  • Arthur Howard of St. Louis
  • Erica Kreisler* of Independence
  • Ashlee Liska of Republic
  • Jill Sutton of Arcadia Valley
  • Luke Swartwood of Raymore-Peculiar
  • Alice Wilson of St. Louis

*Served in previous cohorts

Ambassador bios will be coming soon.

Congratulations to these talented and dedicated afterschool champions! We are proud and excited to be working with you over the next year!


For more information or questions about the program, please contact Mark Cowsert at or (573) 882-9665.

Statewide Champions Development

As MASN raises awareness about afterschool and moves to support policies that help programs around the state, it is important to have high-profile champions to help us tell our story. The MASN Public Policy & Awareness Committee and the Afterschool Leadership Team are working to develop leaders from other sectors to help support our efforts and help to elevate afterschool policy conversations at the local, state, and federal levels.

If you are interested in becoming a Statewide Afterschool Champion or know someone who would be, please contact Mark Cowsert at

Local Champions Development

MASN invites you to sign up to be an Afterschool Champion in your community!  If you believe in the importance of afterschool and would be willing to share your afterschool story, contact elected officials, or get involved in the afterschool movement, please take a few minutes to sign up as an Afterschool Champion.

Additionally, the Public Policy committee is developing resources to assist local programs with building relationships with elected officials.  

Sign up for Capwiz

Capwiz is an e-mail based system that makes it easy for afterschool stakeholders to contact their state and national leaders.  Please contact MASN staff to be added to the Capwiz list.

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