The Missouri AfterSchool Network builds systems across the state that improve, support, and sustain high-quality afterschool programs. As one of almost 50 Mott funded Statewide Afterschool Networks, we work toward the shared goals of:

  • Building partnerships at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Supporting policies that help sustain new and existing afterschool programs.
  • Ensuring quality by creating statewide systems for programs and professionals.

In Missouri, we do this through two primary structures: our volunteer steering committee and funded projects.

MASN Steering Committee

The MASN Steering Committee is comprised of individuals and organization representatives who meet quarterly to set the direction for our statewide efforts. The Steering Committee oversees our systems building efforts and completes projects through five committees: Funding & Sustainability, Professional Development, Public Policy & Awareness, Quality, and STEM.

All afterschool stakeholders, such as program administrators, site staff, parents, community partners, local intermediaries, business leaders, and policymakers, are invited to participate in the quarterly Afterschool Committee Meetings.

We hope that you will join us in connecting and building systems across the state that improve, support, and sustain high-quality afterschool programs.

Funded Projects

The Missouri AfterSchool Network has several grants and contracts to facilitate systems development and carry out quality improvement efforts.

  • Missouri Afterschool Resource Center – MOARC provides training and technical assistance to 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) and School Age Community (SAC) grantees.
  • Kids Care CenterMASN provides training and technical assistance on the KCC data system. Although DESE grantees are the primary users of the system, Kids Care Center is available statewide for any afterschool program to collect data on student attendance and program characteristic
  • 21st CCLC Evaluation – MASN coordinates the data collection and the statewide and local evaluations.  Many of the data collection resources created for 21st CCLC programs will be available to all afterschool programs.
  • Integrated Informal and Formal Professional Development SystemThrough funding from the Mott Foundation, MASN is supporting the development of high quality training and formal coursework so that there are clear pathways for professionals to improve their skills, meet higher education goals, and pursue career pathways within the field of youth development.
  • Champions Development – This project includes communicating the value and impact of afterschool, with a focus on the development of Afterschool Champions who help share the message.

Afterschool Works

keeps kids safe, helps working families, inspires kids to learn

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