Health resources

Wash hands frequently

Follow CDC guidance on handwashing, washing frequently, with soap and water for 20 seconds. Ask staff and children to wash immediately when they arrive and immediately before they leave. Remind staff and children to not touch their faces, as COVID-19 enters through the nose, eyes and mouth.

Step-up your sanitation

Clean surfaces that are frequently touched like handles, doorknobs, touch-screens, keyboards, desks and countertops.

Recommended cleaning products from the CDC

Stay home if sick

Remind families to keep students at home if they are sick. Make sure that it is easy for staff members to stay home if they are sick.

Social distancing

Social distancing means limiting contact with people, especially large groups of people, to limit the spread of the virus. You may decide to skip your cousin’s wedding or go to the grocery store late in the evening when fewer people are there. Additionally, you can learn other greetings to avoid shaking hands, such as elbow bumping or prayer hands. Moving activities outside, where there is better ventilation, can also help keep everyone healthy.

Manage stress

Families and staff are under tremendous stress as they adapt to the realities of this health crisis. Several resources have been developed to help:

Missouri Department of Mental Health resource guide

Social and emotional learning lesson plan

KIT Mental Health Tip Sheet

Report cases

Information from the Office of Child Care, Region VII:

If a child, family member of a child, or staff member in your facility who tests positive for COVID-19, please notify your local public health department immediately for instructions on handling the virus. In addition, if you are licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services, please notify your licensing specialist. If you are license-exempt and/or registered to receive Child Care Subsidy, please notify the Children’s Division, Early Childhood Section at 573-751-6793.

Frequently asked questions regarding the coronavirus and children

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