Mapping Afterschool Programs

Overview: MASN received a grant from the National Conference of State Legislatures to collect data related to afterschool programs and sites across the state. The goal for collecting the data is to be able to better focus resources to build partnerships, champion statewide afterschool policies, and improve program quality and services.

What does the survey include? The survey collects some general program and site information, and also collects data on staffing, capacity, and program offerings. The whole survey is three pages long, with one page devoted to program (administration) data, and two pages devoted to site specific data. Often there is more than one “site” in a “program” (similar to having more than one school in a district). Some programs have multiple sites, in which we collect one overall program survey (1 page) and one site survey (2 pages) per individual site. For single-site programs, one full survey includes both the one program page and the two site pages since there are different questions for the program administration and specific site operations.

When were the data collected? MASN partnered with the 4-H Center for Youth Development to collect the data over a 6-month period from October 2014 to February 2015. We also used data from DSS that included all subsidy-receiving, registered programs, and data from DHSS that includes all licensed childcare centers with targeted programming for school-age youth.

How will the data be used? The data are currently being geocoded, and will be used to produce 199 legislative-district specific briefs for the 163 Missouri House districts and the 34 Missouri Senate districts. The district-specific reports will be available on the MASN website following their release in March 2015.


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