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Afterschool and expanded learning opportunities can serve as links in the chain of building and developing top notch students and 21st Century citizens.  Afterschool connects many communities: academics, health and wellness, juvenile justice, STEM, and workforce preparedness. Therefore there are many stakeholders in the field of afterschool.

How Partners can support Afterschool

  • Spread the word – Talk to friends and community members to build public support and make afterschool a priority for elected officials.
  • Get involved and volunteer – Business and community partners and anyone with time and a commitment to helping children can lend a hand.  Contact your local school or afterschool program to volunteer.
  • Donate – Many afterschool programs rely on private donations, parent fees, and in-kind services to keep their doors open.  Consider donating to a program in your neighborhood or school.
  • Share your story – Call, write or email your school board, superintendent, principal, local representatives, council members, and mayors.  Tell them how afterschool programs benefit your community. If your community does not have sufficient afterschool options, tell them why you need afterschool.

Need an afterschool program in your community?

Talk to your local school officials and community partners (e.g., Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, churches, etc.) and visit our Start a Program resources section.


Take the pledge and become a champion for afterschool! Visit the Afterschool Works! Campaign page for more information.

Afterschool Committees!

All afterschool stakeholders are invited to join MASN in building systems of supports for afterschool programs and professionals.

MASN hosts quarterly Afterschool Committee meetings where all afterschool stakeholders (including business and community partners!) can come together to work on issues related to Public Awareness, Public Policy & Awareness, Funding & Sustainability, Quality, and STEM.


For more information about the Afterschool Committee Meetings, including the dates and RSVP link, please click here.


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