External Evaluators

Starting with Cohort 8, the local external evaluation requirements for 21st CCLC grantees changed to parallel the goals and objectives of the 21st CCLC Statewide Evaluation. Rather than designing their own evaluations, grantees now select from a list of certified external evaluators to facilitate a Guided Reflection process in partnership with the program administration.

MASN provides the training and certification for 21st CCLC external evaluators so that they are familiar with the consistent goals and objectives, data collection protocols, and analysis and reporting provided to all grantees.  The role of the certified external evaluators is to meet with the program director to discuss the local context in that community and to help the program director interpret the data as they looked for trends across sites.  The certified local/external evaluator documents the unique strengths and challenges of the grantee, highlighting the impact of the local context, in a Guided Reflection summary document.  This new standardized data collection, analysis/reporting, and Guided Reflection process allowed DESE to have an “apples to apples” comparisons of the grantees, while giving the external evaluator a framework to focus on how the local context impacts the local findings.




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