Workshop Guidelines

The committee is seeking well-organized sessions/workshops with clear objectives, cultural diversity, and opportunities for active participation, and relevancy to quality afterschool programs to meet the professional development needs of staff members new to the field, those with experience, and administrators.

Before submitting your 2017 Celebration of Afterschool Request for Proposal, you must agree to the following guidelines:

Workshop Session Content & Scheduling

  • All workshops are noncommercial and not promotional opportunities. Presenter(s) will not solicit any business or promote products or services during the workshop session.
  • Workshop sessions are 1.25 hours in length.
  • All presenters must have a MOPD ID (
  • Each session must have at least one Core Competency statement ()
  • The committee reserves the right to modify titles and descriptions to meet the needs of the PDI program brochure.
  • Proposals should be submitted by January 15, 2017.  Late submissions will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Presenters must be available to be scheduled on each of the 2 days if necessary. We may not be able to accommodate specific requests for workshop time slots.

Workshop Materials and Supplies

  • All handouts and materials will be provided by presenter for capacity of the workshop room.
  • A conference app will be available (e.g., EventMobi) for presenters to post presentations and handouts to minimize the need to copy and distribute paper at the conference.
  • If presenters choose to distribute paper copies, they should plan to supply at least a minimum of 30 copies of handouts for each session.


  • Only the lead presenter will be contacted by the committee.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the main presenter to communicate any pertinent workshop information and/or conference updates directly to co-presenters and/or panel members.

Audio/Visual Equipment

  • Only LCD projectors, power strips, and screens will be provided in each room.
  • Computer equipment and additional audio visual equipment are the responsibility of the presenters.  Presenters must provide their own laptops, DVD players, CD players , speakers, flip charts/makers, etc.

Travel and Other Conference Related Costs

  • Up to two presenters per workshop may receive the special presenter conference discount of $50.  Only one discount may be applied per presenter regardless of the number of sessions presented.
  • All presenters will be required to register for the Celebration of Afterschool if you plan to attend the conference beyond your presentation.
  • Any presenter who attends just to do their presentation may choose not to register for the conference (thereby waiving the presenter discount).  He/she will receive one meal ticket for the day of the presentation, if a meal is served that day.
  • Travel, lodging, materials, and other conference related costs will be covered by the presenter.


  • I understand that not abiding by the above guidelines will jeopardize my standing as a presenter for this conference as well as future MOSAC² or MASN events.


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