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Career Awareness and Post-Secondary Access (CAPSA) Symposium

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Thank you for registering for the CAPSA Symposium.  This page contains links to the recorded sessions and session materials.  We would like to thank all of the presenters at the CAPSA Symposium for participating in the panel sessions and workshops.  If you have any questions about the CAPSA Symposium, please contact Mark Cowsert, MASN Associate Director of Policy and Partnerships.


Schedule and Links – Note:  Please do not share the links directly with others.  The CAPSA Symposium is offered at no cost to the attendees, but we appreciate having all attendees complete the registration form.  If you would like to share with others, please forward this registration link and they will receive the confirmation e-mail with the link to this page.

To watch a recorded session, please use the hyperlinks below.  If materials were provided by the presenter, those links will be included below.

8:30-9:00 Breakfast – BYOCAB  (Bring Your Own Coffee and Bagels)
9:00-10:00 Welcome and Presentation (presentation) (links)

Missouri AfterSchool Network, Jennings Stars and Heroes, and Van Buren Bulldog Afterschool Program

10:15-11:30 Guiding Students to Learn about Careers:  Missouri Connections (presentation) (slides)

Jeff Beiswinger and Jay Webster

Accessing Careers through Internships and Apprenticeships  (presentation)  (slides)

Kelly Dyer and Jeanna Caldwell

Journey to College (presentation)

Ashley Heidbreder

11:30-12:15 Lunch & Learn

Youth Entrepreneurship: Mindsets & Skills for Youth Success  (presentation)

Scott Mann

12:15-1:15 CAPSA Taskforce Panel Discussion (presentation)

Brian Crouse, Marilyn Landrum, and Steve Bryant

1:30-2:45 How to Unlock Student Motivation:  220 Leadership  (presentation)  (handouts)

Joseph and Matthew Moheban

Now, Next, and Future  (presentation)

MERIC – Ronda Anderson

Resources for Family Engagement in College Planning  (presentation)

Missouri College Advising Corp

2:45-3:00 Reflection and Wrap Up  (Google Jamboard)


Session Descriptions


Welcome and Presentation

MASN and the Jennings and Van Buren Afterschool Programs

The opening session will feature an introduction to the Missouri AfterSchool Network and the CAPSA Initiative funded by the Charles S. Mott Foundation. The main focus of the session will be a High School Afterschool Program Highlight Panel. The Jennings Stars and Heroes and Van Buren Bulldog Afterschool Program will be featured including students from each program. In addition to the two excellent programs, 220 Leadership, a training and technical assistance partner will participate in the panel.



Guiding Students to Learn About Careers

Jeff Beiswinger, University of Missouri, Heart of MO RPDC, Career Advisor Consultant and Jay Webster, University of Central Missouri, Central Region RPDC, Career Advisor Consultant

We know the importance of students beginning to explore occupations and identify their interests at earlier ages is valuable.  This session will focus on sharing two resources that support Career Development and Planning for your students.  Participants will be introduced to resources and experience several exercises they can use with students to help support career exploration.  Referencing Missouri Connections, we will use Career Trek, designed for students in grades 3-5, and explore the Framework, a curriculum of activities, surveys, assessments, and resources established for students in grades 5-12.  Through the lessons, students not only learn about their interests, but also how their interests connect to a potential career.

Accessing Careers through Internships and Apprenticeships

Jeanna Caldwell, DHEWD, Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning Manager and Kelly Dyer, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Intern and Business Engagement Director

Work-based learning ensures that a career pathway is not just a dream but an accessible reality. Join us as we present how to access Internships and Apprenticeships as the next right step into a career. InternConnect and MOApprenticeConnect are no-cost tools for engaging students in conversations about their postsecondary options.

Journey to College

Ashley Heidbreder, MDHEWD, Program Coordinator

Journey to College is an MDHEWD sponsored program that works to increase awareness of career opportunities and college access and affordability to help Missouri students plan for the future. This session will focus on resources that support creating awareness and educational opportunities for students from Kindergarten through high school.



Lunch and Learn – Youth Entrepreneurship: Mindsets & Skills for Youth Success

Scott Mann, Venture Lab, Director of Education & Training

Bring your lunch and tune in as VentureLab shares how entrepreneurship is more than starting a business. It’s a way of thinking and acting that is critical to student success in school and life, whatever career path they choose. Learn how entrepreneurship supports existing SEL, STEM, and CCR initiatives along with VentureLab’s curriculum, PD, and event offerings.



Panel Discussion

This session will include state leaders from DESE, MDHEWD, and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce who will share their thoughts on the current state and future opportunities for coordinated career awareness and post-secondary access.



How to Unlock Student Motivation in your Classroom or Program

Matthew and Joseph Moheban, Co-Founders, 220 Leadership

Students have struggled more than ever to stay motivated during the pandemic. Educators have been burned out trying to keep students engaged (or show up at all). Join our afternoon session to get practical steps, exercises and worksheets you can use immediately with your students. These tools will unlock intrinsic motivation inside even the most stubborn students, help them perform in your class or program, and start working towards a compelling future.

Now, Next, and Later

Ronda Anderson, DHEWD, Senior Advisor for Performance, Office of Workforce Development

Did you know that there are many free resources to help explore occupations, find in-demand jobs, and learn about the education and training typically required for success?  In this session, we will dive into the data that will answer these questions and more.

Engaging Families in the Postsecondary Planning Process

Jerron Johnson, Director, Missouri College Advising Corps, Kendric Carlock, MCAC College Adviser at North Kansas City High School, and Sydney Brown, MCAC College Adviser at Jennings High School

Family engagement is a critical component of the postsecondary planning process. It focuses on intentional relationship building, knowledge sharing, and collaborative goalsetting to support students’ success. In this session, college advisers of the Missouri College Advising Corps will share their practices for engaging families in postsecondary planning as well as how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected their approach to family engagement.



Reflection and Wrap-Up

Join us as we close the CAPSA Symposium by taking time to reflect on today’s learning experiences.

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