Action Alert COVID stimulus

The senate continues negotiations over next COVID-19 relief package. As an afterschool expert, you can influence the content of that bill by reaching out to  Senator Blunt and Senator Hawley today!

Please plan to make your phone calls from your personal, not work related, phone while you are “off the clock.” The sooner, the better!

Senator Roy Blunt:         (202) 224-5721

Senator Josh Hawley:    (202) 224-6154


“Hello, my name is _______ and I’d like to leave a message for Senator ___________.  I am the <<YOUR TITLE>> for <<YOUR PROGRAM NAME>> in <<CITY>>. My program serves _____ children.

We support working families by providing safe, enriching opportunities for school-age children. Working parents need our program to get back to work after the COVID-19 crisis. Our program provides a safe, supervised place for school-age children in <<CITY>> recover academically, socially and emotionally from the effects of school closures.

Schools across the state are announcing a variety of rotating schedules, virtual and online instruction, and alternating days to combat the spread of the coronavirus. These plans promote safety for children and teachers, but this will be an added challenge for many working parents.


  • Is your program at risk of closing or have you had to cut staff? Tell them!
  • Have you been unable to access COVID relief funds from your county, school district, or other sources? Tell them!


  • Missouri has not made CARES Act education or child care funds available to afterschool or summer programs. We need dedicated assistance for afterschool programs, including direct support through 21st Century Community Learning Center funds. Currently, the Senate’s version of the coronavirus relief package (The HEROES Act) does not provide dedicated funding for afterschool programs. 

Thank you for your time!”

It is a good practice to ask the person taking the message to repeat it back to you. Thank you so much for doing this! Please let us know how the call goes by emailing MASN Policy Coordinator Natalie Hampton at

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